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NEW DST Planner (Undated), DST Stickers, & Scrapbook Sheets

NEW DST Planner (Undated), DST Stickers, & Scrapbook Sheets

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Delta Sigma Theta Scrapbook Pages

See scrapbook pages here:

12x12" Sheets

25 Sheets, each a different design

Delta Sigma Theta Planner (Undated) 

See Planner product for page layout views:

NEW Delta Sigma Theta Planner (Undated)

- 7"x9.5" Opens up to 14"x9.5"

- Gold Foil Writing on Cover!

- White Writable Tabs

- Gold DiscBound Planner System

- Easily add and remove paper and product inserts!

- Get ready for additional inserts to come!!!

- Front and back pocket holder


Delta Sigma Theta Stickers

Use for your planner and more!

Planner Stickers (10 Sheets)

 10 different designed sheets




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