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If I Can Invest in Stocks, So Can YOU!

 Robinhood Review - Are Commission Free Trades Worth It?
I joined Robinhood in March of 2020 when Covid-19 was started to have a big impact on the world and the stock market. As a person who is very new to investing on my own (not from my employer), I find it very interesting, fun, and rewarding to invest in individual stocks!
I started out researching companies that I know and like and then I branched to stocks that I know were extremely low at the moment and will definitely pick back up, such as airline companies. I looked at whether companies paid dividends too!
I also did research on "YouTube University" to learn about Robinhood, stocks, and candlesticks/trends.  
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More affordable than Hotels!

Airbnb, Why the New Logo?


I started using AirBnb in 2017 and I have stay at a little over 20 homes! You can rent homes from people for a day or more, at great rates! You can play with whether you want the place to yourself, you don't mind renting a room, or even sharing a room for those of you who are couch surfer travelers! I've even rented a big home for my 25th Birthday Weekend! 

When I have my speaking engagements, sometimes I stay at AirBnbs as well! 

Some homes have lockboxes where you can let your self in and others have the owner meet you first. I've had it both ways. AirBnb is convenient, affordable, and cool in my eyes! I get to meet great people and build relationships. 

As for safety, I never had a problem! I ALWAYS read reviews and I like that the renters and owners can review each other! I consider myself to be an ideal renter, not to brag!

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Get FREE Money for Scanning Your Normal Shopping Receipts!

Free Rewards on Groceries | Fetch Rewards

I joined Fetch Rewards March 2020 and I think this is the best app for getting rewards for scanning your grocery receipts! Just do your regular shopping, scan your receipt and watch your points grow! They are generous with the points AND the rewards! It doesn't take much to start redeeming your points for rewards, which I love!

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Catch a Ride with Lyft!

Meaning Lyft logo and symbol | history and evolution

I use Lyft to get around when I go out for a night on the town, when I am in other cities, or I need to get to the airport. Others use it for many other reasons! 

You use the app to schedule a ride for the future or get one immediately, all from your phone. Lyft is more affordable than a cab most of the time and more convenient. 

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 Earn Extra Ca$h as a Personal Grocery Shopper


You can go grocery shopping for others and make money! You get to see how much you will get for the trip before accepting the trip, including tips! On some occasions you could get cash tips on top of the app tip! Other times, they will just tip in cash once you get to their house but again, you will know the base amount you will receive before you accept the trip. 

A tip I can give you is, the best trips to take are $15+ and they don't have you picking more than 25 UNIQUE items and 35 TOTAL items. You can see this before you accept as well! You can also see what you will be shopping for before you accept, and I would stay away from big orders of fruits and vegetables because it cuts into your time to weigh them, bag them, etc...

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 Send & Receive Cash Immediately!

Cash App - Press

Send & receive cash easily using this app! You can even use it for direct deposits as well. I use it when I need to pay a friend, pay for a service, or send money to friends and family. This is also how I get my money back that people owe me! Hahahaha! No more excuses!

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Save Money You'll Spend Anyway!

I absolutely LOVE Gift Card Granny because I can save money where I am going to spend it anyway! Before I shop or eat somewhere, I check Gift Card Granny to see if there's a discounted gift card available to that specific place for an amount around the amount I will spend that day. For example, I LOVE Chili's and when I'm about to go, I buy a digital Chili's gift card from Gift Card Granny first! The card may be $14 but have a $21 balance! It varies but you save money regardless. 

When I used to shop at Torrid, I would save 20% off my purchases every time by buying a $100 gift card for $90 AND using a 10% coupon from the receipt survey from Torrid. So instead of paying $100 for clothes (that I bought on clearance lol) I paid $80. That savings ADDS UP QUICK!

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